How should I prepare my horse for his session?


Make sure your horse is relatively clean and please do not use any grooming spray if possible. Position your horse on a level surface – his stable or a grooming stall would be ideal, but anywhere dry and level is fine. In colder weather, have a fleece or blanket available to keep your horse's muscles warm. As equine sports therapy takes a holistic approach to your horse's health, have any tack you use available for Thalia to look at. 


Contact Thalia prior to your horse's session to discuss whether he should be exercised beforehand. 

How long should I wait to exercise my horse after his session?


The amount of time will vary depending on his condition and the type of therapy, and Thalia can give you guidance on your horse's individual case but be prepared to not work them for 24 hours following treatment. 

Why would my horse need a sports therapy session?


Few humans athletes compete without preparing their bodies using massage and stretching exercises, and your horse is no different. Whether he's a pleasure horse or elite competitor, his anatomy and physiology is the same and sports therapy can benefit him immensely. More than 60% of your horse's bodyweight is muscle and sports therapy works to keep his muscles healthy, build and maintain strength and suppleness and helps to treat and prevent atrophy. After exertion, massage minimizes stiffness and speeds up repair to damaged that inevitably occurs as a result of physical stress and fatigue. Passive stretches help to keep and restore your horse's joints and muscles to their full working capacity. 

How many treatments does my horse need?


It depends on the reason for the treatment. Some horses react positively and have a huge improvement after the first session in, which case its up to you to decide whether to keep up regular treatment sessions or book a session when you feel a decrease in your horse's performance. Generally, it takes a few sessions initially to work out muscles in a specific problem area, and this may necessitate a few sessions at short intervals. 


For horses at a high level of competition or strenuous work, a consistent treatment schedule, every few weeks can be arranged. 


Thalia will be happy to discuss the options with you at the initial treatment session.