Sports injuries are all too common. Whether you're a professional recovering from the big game, or an amateur trying to qualify for the next level, injuries happen and the key to proper recovery is efficient timing and appropriate treatment. Once your phase of recovery is determined (acute, sub-acute, rebuilding), along with your state of participation (can’t participate, participating with pain, participating pain-free), then a treatment plan can be designed.


This includes loosening tight muscles, removing adhesions and restrictions, normalizing joint function, and strengthening your muscles to bring you through the remaining stages of recovery, and ultimately to full participation in your activity.

Thalia is happy to work in conjunction with your physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor, trainer, and coach to administer the best possible outcome for you. Sports Massage can be administered at different times throughout recovery from an injury or as a maintenance strategy pre-, inter- and post-training and competing.


The benefits of human sports massage include...

  •  increased and improved circulation.

  • relief from muscle spasm.

  • prevention and relief from adhesions.

  • increased range of movement.

  • released tension and increased mental relaxation.

  • enhanced muscle tone.

  • stimulated muscle fibers.

  • aid in recovery of an injury and prevention of atrophy (wasting) of muscles.

  • injury prevention.


Along with her SPS Diploma in Human Sports Massage (Oxford Cambridge & RSA Examinations), Thalia also holds a Level 2 Gym Instructor and Kinesiology Taping certificate she gained in the UK. She has taken the Canadian SMCA (Sports Medical Council of Alberta) Sports Trainer Course, adding to her knowledge of taping, strapping and care of athletes. 


Although she has an interest in treating athletes from a wide variety of sports, equestrian riders are her true passion. Her Master's thesis studied functional movements in equestrian athletes where she found herself immersed in the study of asymmetry and muscle usage, a current topic in the equine industry. 


"Thalia delivers a very professional sport therapy and injury management service. She has a strong sense for creating a safe and secure environment, allowing her to proceed with necessary work duties in a responsible style. One of her biggest strengths is the ability to cooperate in an excellent manner with players and other members of the management team." 

– Max Lueck