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Human and Equine Sports Therapist

Thalia has ridden horses all her life. She started out on her family farm and broadened her experiences with horses in many disciplines as well as competing nationally in

pentathlon and internationally in tetrathlon. Her passion for eventing led her to working and training with top professionals in North America and England. It was while she was working for international event rider, Helen Bell, keeping elite horses fit and sound that her interest was sparked in equine therapy.

She completed an FdSc and BSc in Equine Sport Science, then an MSc in Equine Science at Hartpury College (University of the West of England) in Gloucstershire, UK. Alongside her university degrees, Thalia also completed the Human Sports

Massage Diploma and ITEC Diploma in Equine Sports Massage Therapy from respected Physiotherapist & Sports Massage Therapist Mary Bromiley. Her university experience expanded her knowledge with human and equine research-intensive courses and practical, hands-on experience which included working in the Hartpury gym and sports therapy clinic, and the Hartpury Equine Therapy Centre with top Olympic and World Champion horses. She was awarded Top Final Year Student in the FdSc and MSc cohorts, and as a part of her master’s degree conducted a study analysing the functional movement screen for female horse riders, which she presented at the International Society for Equestrian Science Conference in 2015. Continued education

and research have always been a core value for Thalia, and in 2018 she was co-author for her work on the functional movement screen in horse riders, published in the

Comparative Exercise Physiology Journal.


Alongside working with equine athletes, continuing to work at places such as TCR Sports Lab in Calgary where she coached strength and conditioning and screened

numerous athletes in functional movement, has given Thalia the knowledge base to support her massage and exercise therapy in both the human and horse. From there Thalia was hired at Equus Physio where she worked on both the horse and rider alongside two of the first physiotherapists to start the human-equine business here in Canada.

Living on a ranch with her husband and young daughter she can embrace the natural use of the horse for work as well as enjoy her leisurely riding time with her family and

continues to have regular lessons to keep her riding in check.



TE Sports Therapy was developed to optimize performance and wellbeing in both the

horse and rider. Optimal performance and a healthy lifestyle are achieved through many

multidisciplinary tools and professionals. TE Sports Therapy works in conjunction with veterinarians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports therapists, nutritionists, farriers, coaches, and other professionals.


TE Sports Therapy prides themselves on looking at the whole picture, hence the continued education behind the horse and rider combination. We want to be a part of your team by providing professional assessments, specific techniques and tools for optimal care, and follow up programs to continue improved performance.

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