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Horses are extremely athletic and versatile with the jobs we ask them to perform. Just like with human athletes, this can lead to pain, inflammation and imbalance in the musculoskeletal system. Equine sports massage can effect the muscle and fascia tissue, nerves, joint mobility, posture and circulation. It can be extremely useful pre and post competition when the horse is at the highest level of stress, throughout training sessions for regular check-up and continued maintenance, during their “off season” to help prepare for the upcoming season, and post injury or surgery to support the body in recovery. All of this is scheduled with an individual plan to help your horse achieve the best possible outcome.

The massage therapist is one part of a dynamic team used to enhance performance and prevent injury. TE Sports Therapy will work closely with your veterinarian, farrier, physio, chiropractor, osteopath, trainer and rider by providing additional information on how the body is responding.



To maintain and improve muscle function, progressive training is necessary. Individual exercises are given to target specific areas that may require increased strength, balance, elasticity, symmetry, co-ordination and reaction time.

TE Sports Therapy is happy to provide individual programs for the human and equine athlete and can also deliver group sessions. Any exercise plan will be made so it can easily be carried out at your own facilities.



Horses usually come first, am I right?! However, to optimize your horse’s performance and career longevity, you need to take the time to develop and care for the rider. Riding can be a lifelong activity which means wear and tear on the body that can lead to future

injuries and/or effect the way your horse moves. Whether you are a professional recovering from your last competition, or an amateur trying to qualify for the next level, the key to proper recovery and increased performance is efficient timing and appropriate treatment. Sports massage reduces muscle tension, removes adhesions and restrictions, and normalizes joint function to maintain or increase performance and

bring you through the remaining stages of recovery.


TE Sports Therapy has experience working on numerous athletes from different sporting disciplines including rugby, triathletes, and riders, with a variety of tools

including cupping, taping and myofascial release. There is huge benefit having the horse-rider duo assessed and worked on by the same practitioner. Know that TE Sports Therapy is keen to work in conjunction with your physiotherapist, osteopath, doctor, trainer and coach to create the best possible outcome for you and your horse.

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